Eric Bourdon  - France Lille
Welcome on the web gallery of the artist Eric Bourdon. The painter from Lille presents his paintings and latest exhibitions.
Didier Dordeins  - France tarnos
basque atitude
Diodati Lucio  - Italy Popoli (Pescara)
Italian artist celebrating women’s beauty and charm worldwide
Emmanuel Mauresa  - France Biriatou
Alejandro Cabeza  - Spain
A painting career mainly supported the use of a technique Impressionist art, and perhaps because of this fact that the tables revolve…
Jacqueline Muller Grugnardi  - France Lyon
Self-taught painter born in Marseille of parents Corsica. I practise the art, the ink, the paint with passion. I never feel so free as…
Barbara Locicero  - France
David Kennedy  - France Paris
Artiste peintre d’origine canadienne, David Kennedy vit à Paris. Passionné par les beaux-arts, il s’adonne totalement à sa…


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