Feodor Tamarsky  - France Araches
Né à Moscou en 1954, sorti de la Faculté de réalisation et mise en Scène de l’Ecole Supérieure “Studio” du Théâtre…
Françoise Bastin  - Belgium NAMUR
Recherche sur le corps, le couple et l’énergie physique et sprirituelle qui l’habite.
Francois Mouillard  - France mers les bains
mak painter invites you to journey into his artistic world
Rosiane Priam  - France Les Bordes
The painting? I had to fall inside when I was a child. But my mother with her mania to rub and to rub until that shines had to remove it…
Virginie Trabaud  - France villeneuve la guyard
French painter specialised in acrylic painting and mortar with relief effect - Inspired by Corsica and brittany landscape, sea marine…
Ines Viale  - France MANDELIEU
Sylvie Pioli
I do not try to reproduce exactly a landscape, but to create a timeless universe according to my humor. I put then a new glance on the…
Camille Hajek  - Canada Montréal
Claudy Cheval  - France saint vallier
At first sight, the works of Claudy seem abstract, but by taking time to look at them, we notice that there are always one or two…


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