A.C.J - In The Jungle
A.C.J - In The Jungle
- Title: In The Jungle

- Year: 2009
- Technical: Oil on canvas
- Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm

- 1000€ Available -


A.C.J Alain Clipet Junior

59000 Lille / Hellemmes - France

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Painter “Self, I” sketch “some twenty years before moving to color illustrations in watercolor pencil and acrylic paint to eventually m’adonner to oil painting.

I am sometimes asked what “style” I belong. . . I’d say I’m an expressionist painter, because beyond the graph, I try to release some emotion share the colors, lines, shapes and themes chosen.

I am interested to great painters like Matisse, Picasso and Modigliani among others, not only for what they have achieved but for their life history, their experiences …

My goal is to learn to master the techniques possible in order to better express the images that come to me.

I will continue my studies on the theme monochrome, while contina to enrich my color palette in addressing new themes:)



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