Small formats
Small formats
The few pieces of small sizes of Alain Vuillemet.. From 4 May to 2 June 2019, we will celebrate the sixtieth work of the path of the Arts. On this occasion, we imagined with some of you, a demonstration in the workshop of 19 that some already know. I

TraduireSculptures unique parts in stainless steel metal

- de 700 à 1700€ Available -


Alain Vuillemet

ferme du Château de Fourolles
89110 Saint-Aubin-Château-Neuf - France

+33 3 86730058
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Alain Vuillemet is an artist sculptor current, contemporary been born in France. Old of advertising (packaging, plv) it masters all the matèriaux, plastic matters to the metals. It creates and realizes monumental sculptures for organizers of events, of smaller piéces for the interior, on orders and in housing. Galleries of photographs of works, of artistic the news on the sculpture usually and a thematic directory plastic arts completes the site.


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