remember 4
remember 4
acrylic and collage on canvas

23 x 30 cm - 2007


Anne Sophie Viallon

06690 tourrette levens - France
Alpes Maritimes

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Sensitive to the expression of the human feelings often repressed in our society by a smooth appearance, I seek through my pictorial research to expose the human soul… Such is the ariadne’s thread of my work … to be continued

Born in 1970 in Valenciennes.
EMAP (Villa Thiole Nice)

Exposition “together, build tomorrow” by Cari since 29 april 2008

exposition in Tourrette Levens -3 fébruar -25 march 2007

“Trésors cachés” 40 artists for the heritage day - 16 and 17 september 2006


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