The magnificent bird of the musing
The magnificent bird of the musing
Acrylic painting on the canvas
33 X 41 X 1.8 CM

- 50€ Sold -


Arthur Mottin

4 avenue du Bois
14150 Ouistreham - France

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At the beginning of 2006:
An artist my be taken under her wing, and allowed me of accomplishing my dream.
In September: My 1st exhibition: 1st Fair aux croutes in Ouistreham October / November (14)
Exhibition in the restaurant Au Coin du Port in Ouistreham (14)
at the End of November: 1st Exhibition blows in Hamars (14)
In December:
Christmas market in Hermanville sur Mer (14)
to come 2008:
Gallery Trio in Douvres la Délivrande (14)
May 2008: Spring market in Caumont l’éventé (14)
And I am my way of restaurant by restaurant to achieve gallerys


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