The great blue
The great blue
Acrylic on canvas, 65 x 65 cm, 1999

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Christian Lamirand

62990 Loison sur Crequoise - France

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What is most striking in Christian Lamirand’s work is his approach. He summarises the signs and symbols of all civilizations to give them a very contemporary significance : “these old and sometimes antiquated signs are the message which our distant forebears left us to address our future with more serenity and find genuine values, in particular those which make of human kind an integral part of nature”, he says.

The meticulousness and complexity of his work may surprise many. A plethora of signs intertwine to form compositions which are often structured starting from the centre by means of spirals, circles or geometrical forms.

The very sharp and contrasted colours also contribute to the dynamics of the canvas.

There is in his work an almost alchemical research, a search for the roots of all things and in parallel a very contemporary step in terms of subjects and concerns.


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