100% Recyclable
100% Recyclable
The Human, a primate forced to live as a social insect, today a binary system, Production unit, consumption unit.And himself as a product, a machine tool for consumption.Traceable, interchangeable, recyclable. Constrained, perishable.
Six and a half

This art work is a part of a collective exhibition “Humour et Critique dans l’Art Contemporain”, by the Atelier Public d’ Arts Plastiques d’ Allonnes http://perso.orange.fr/culturedanslaville/


Cyril Victor

72000 Le Mans - France
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Personal Exhibitions
Series Gbessia peoples
Series Otherness / AltéRité(s) (2002-2003),
b&w photographs .
Series Bodies / Corps (1995-1997),
b&w photographs from paper negatives.
Series Luminous Paints / Peintures Lumineuses (1997-1998), color photographs.
Series Green, Yellow, Red / Vert, Jaune, Rouge (1997), color photographs. (Gallery)
Series Dreams / Rêves (1990-1992),
b&w and color photographs (gallery)


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