Immutable power
Immutable power
My art is figurative but I leave more and more space to the imagination. Préhistory, caves, fossils and hieroglyphy are my main fields.

Mixtes media on wood panel Represents a bison Sixe: 24 X 30 inches Very warm color

Mixed Media

Denise Faucher

H2E 3A8 Montréal - Canada

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Reconnecting with our essence

Art frees my being and sharpens my awareness. As my intuition comes into play, whatever form the creative process takes on, the act of creating always turns out to be a beneficial and salutary exercise from which emerges the true meaning of life itself. A true panacea for the soul.

How can I satisfy my curiosity and my constant thirst for experimenting new avenues ?

In seeing, through child eyes, the emanation of colours, the textures, the clefts, the struggle, I am overtaken by a warrior’s impulse to reconstitute a better understanding thereof.

Driven by a sudden impulse, I feel the need to demystify this universe, a need to construct it, to breath into it, to look at it, and to feed from it. Be there to grasp the meaning of life.

I strive to attain a deeper understanding of the animals and their symbolism, of the plants and the minerals, all of which are intimately tied to man. A kingdom where sorcerers and shamans lived side by side in a luxurious and idyllic nature.

My fascination for the magnificent and indestructible impressions and traces left behind by these animals, men and nature itself, provides me with a great satisfaction.


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