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Gérard Taillandier

62640 montigny en gohelle - France

03 21 75 54 25
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Taillandier Gérard Un name, foreordained born Hénin in the fifties, his look of child will fly very tot over material, over fire, over metals, in the workshops of its father and its big father or over fires of the smithy brulaient its wards.
The aptitude for the dream, the observation of reality transcribed by the drawings will guide its steps, from the age of 15 years towards places or récuprer of metals to put together them in mysterious animals..
.. Young pupil greedy for curiosity, his scientific course does not forbid him to model loam continuously he works the drawings and painting, then goes to the meeting of the cast iron of metals where the more and more definite choice carries towards bronze..
If the thread of its writings is principally the study of the female body, its researches lead us: Towards the subjective of the air lines where our hand tightens to taste softness:Audace, Jade ;Eden


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