height: 33.85 inch
profoundness: 7.08 inch
Width: 13.77 inch
Total weight: 3, 2Kg

Power: G4 Halogen cap 3 x 20W MAX 1 x Jumbo LED / 7 x LED Transformer 230V / 12V 60W 1.7A

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The creation of objects is an awakening of imagination. It is out of the mold! “A fork is not used only to eat, it is filled with other things … ” In each of his figures spends idea. A creation of a concept of its own. Each piece will be selected so that is in line with others. The pieces are selected and directed assembly, one room set in a different direction will determine its shape, and final apparent symbolism. The technique is to learn to forget the object in its function, and see a shape “I mean if we take coffee, you can not see the coffee pot but we will see other forms, like a shoe elephant, or the trunk of an elephant, for example, ” After each achievement, we must relearn. Unlearning to understand.


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