Elsa in light
Elsa in light
40x40cm mosaics by ceramics on wood

Mixed Media

Igor Laszlo

91630 Marolles-en-Hurepoix - France

06 83 05 31 05
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* Born: November 1968 Budapest, Hungary, French citizen since 1999
* Self-educated in art
* Qualification: Ceramist training in potter’s wheel craft at the French Ceramic Academy in 2003-2004
* Exhibitions:
- 5th International Mosaic Symposium Oct-Nov 2004, Chartres (France), 3rd prize winner of Picassiette Award’s Public Vote
- “Fuerza, Trazos y Textura” at Galeria de Arte Saravia in San Salvador, (El Salvador) oct 27 - nov 03 2005 with the participation of the First Lady, Mrs Ana Ligia de Saca, the cultural minister, the Chinese embassador…
- 3e Biennale du Salon de Printemps, 20-30th march in Chatillon (France)
- Museum of Mosaics and Glazes, july - september 2006 Briare, (France)
* Operational form: Member of the “House of Artists” since February 2005 as a professional artist

* Unique style in mosaics : figurativ - realistic, expressionist and surrealistic, non traditional
style with “personalised cuts”.


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