Derb El Fkih Sbai
Derb El Fkih Sbai
Huile sur toile au couteau des ruelles de la médina de Marrakech
Dimension:80 X 109


Izabelle Dafali

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She has born in 1972 in Geneva
She decides to make there art-school. Then, she improves in several disciplines.
She is thorough in this work for 6 years ago to get her certificates.
She has the opportunity to make collectives expositions.
Afterward, she diversifies her work, but the peinture becomes a need and she comes it back.
She has an attraction for Morokko and so finally she sets up this country, near Marrakech.
She finds her favorite subject like a disclosure: The alley of medina, the surprises that take the blind alley, the colors too, the stamp of time on the walls, the doors and the peoples…

The Beauty in her imperfection…


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