Sans titre 14
Sans titre 14
Acrylique sur toile

81 x 65 cm


Jacques Barbier

35580 goven - France
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Born in 1967 in Rennes (France), self-educated painter, I practise painting since 1993. After having followed the courses of the evening of drawing to the school of the Art schools of Rennes (France), I explore various techniques as oil, the watercolour, the pastel and finally the acrylic resin, technique that I thorough. Initially attracted only by figurative painting, I also turn to the abstract painting which enables me to play with the forms, the colors and the matter. Abstract painting leaves me more freedom and allows me to be expressed fully. I draw my inspiration around me. A detail, forms or ratios of colors hold my attention and are transformed into work. For me, painting is a constant plastic research.

En permanence, Galerie ARTECONTE 15, rue de Savoie 75006 PARIS, du 2 au 14 Mai 2008, exposition des artistes de la galerie, du 22 au 29 Juillet 2008, exposition des artistes de la galerie
Du 2 au 14 Octobre 2008, exposition de 10 toiles à la galerie ARTECONTE
En permanence, Galerie Art Saga, 19 rue de la Monnaie à RENNES (Ille-et-Vilaine)


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