Technique of the pushed away on copper and bronze

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Jarco valeriange

Atelier "La Remise", 13 rue Lacoste
06140 VENCE - France
Alpes Maritimes

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It is in 1979-80 that I really begin to create my Art on supports of metals: red copper, tan… I venture with succés on the repoussé work, I invent my tools, I paufine to have the best possible result I engrave and so push awaypatches of dimensions and different thicknesses. I join one contribute international, and I participate in it with happiness, that to be appreciated and congratulated for my work there.I participated in numerous artistic manifestations in the region of Nice, Cannes, Cagnes sur Mer, St Cèzaire, but also in the Defence in Bets on the occasion of big contribute international.


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