Jean-francois Scalbert

2904 Bressaucourt - Switzerland

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My first job was production designer, much of this work was to make windows. One day we had to make puppets to animate a radius. The task was entrusted to me, and I took such pleasure that the desire to make my home I took that evening. The first dolls were representations of clowns, musicians, a size of about 50cm. I amused myself by almost all design tools available, not always evident in the design of the movement induced by the string that is pulled down. Then I realized the kinds of frames to insert groups of three puppets in a smaller format, and this time powered by a crank, I called them “stands puppets.” In anticipation of a contest craft in Moutier in 1975, I built a large painting that includes a very basic mechanism Music Wooden, with guitar strings, was the first “pantinophone.” Awarded the first prize I felt the wings to pursue these creations. Shortly after I decided to stop the trade of decorator and I began conducting a series of kiosks puppets and ventured into the development of a mechanism musical treadmill and tips. The kiosks provided puppets who were overweight and took based on four feet, giving them the appearance of small secretaries. In 1977 the first exposure to coffee grinder Porrentruy. In 1978, I am working on the design of a musical disc compatible with Plexiglas stands puppets wall without making them too large, it is the “girophones” Collective exhibition at the gallery in Geneva Now. In 1979, I built some twenty boxes puppets more compact. I set out twice in German Switzerland that year: Galerie im Tenn in Muttenz and Toggs Gallery in Zurich: the public interest and the press seemed promising, unfortunately I did not know or could build on this momentum and everything fell quickly, with the doubts that were emerging. Then the mechanisms were designed around a wooden cylinder, which allowed them to build three melodies. The characters were reduced and gradually lost their appearance of a clown. In 1980, the puppets gave way to small paintings in gouache. The mechanism was hard, interchangeable, with a diameter of 30 cm. Forty of these “girophones” saw the jour.1981, exhibitions of artisans from the Convention Centre in Paris and my most promising exhibition at the gallery in Porrentruy Land of Dawn. 1982 exhibition at the gallery Zahno in Moutier. In 1985 I built the first “billoton.” Sort of vertical pinball and wall in which the balls circulate that attempts to control. The game works by inserting a coin and turning a crank. Then came the “spirobillophone” to 4 players.
Expo collective Undervelier. In 1986, the beginning of oil painting, acrylic and watercolor. The compositions became more abstract. In 1987, the difficulties in finding places to show me discouraged and I feel suffocated in my studio. The following works are electrical, pneumatic, sometimes aggressive, often dark. Are dissonant music. The galleries are sealed to my works … So I begin to de-motivate and began work in 1988 graphics. With the advent of computers, I am passionate about computer graphics. At the same time I see the ink drawings from China for a newspaper. In 1995, creating a theater for children. In 1996, new training to become primary teachers. In 2000, exhibitions in Neuchâtel (Gallery Peyrou), Short (Gallery footprint) Porrentruy (Hôtel Dieu). In 2003, further training of specialist teachers. For fifteen years I have been working sporadically for the realization of my paintings kinetics during my free time. Since I took over six months actively painting. I dove into abstraction because I finally managed to rid myself of this obsession to prove something. The gesture becomes more spontaneous, chance comes, I discover the incomparable pleasure of surfing between control and randomness.


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