Kika Selezneff Aleman

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Spanish contemporary painter, figurative paintings, mixed technique and acrylic technique. Born in Murcia, Spain. All her paintings are created of acrylic resing, combining different techniques and textures.

My pictorial research is exclusively centered on the human condition. I seek to represent what hides with deepest of the heart, the doubts, the questions, the fears. I show the complexity of soul who looks for the man to be essential. Major duality of human preventing oneself from joining again with an initial harmony. .

Matters, forms, colors question our directions for better inviting to face to face.

Encouragement to pose a different glance on painting, like resonance of insupportable human uncertainty.

I am based on the report of the colors, the forms, space and the movement.



• Galeria de arte clave, Murcia, Espagne
• Chasen Galeries, Virginie, USA, Exposition Permanente.
• Galeria de arte Babel, Murcia, Espagne
• Galeria de Arte Meca Yarza, Murcia
• Kim Gallery, Murcia
• New Style Art International, Murcia
• Studio CA, Madrid
• Pecheur d’ Art, Lunel, France, Exposition Permanente.
• Encadreur Duvivier, Paris, Exposition Permanente.
• X-Power Gallery, Beverlly Hills, USA
• Chateau de reaux, France
• Chasen Galeries, Virginie, USA, Exposition Permanente
• Espace Brémontier, Paris, France


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