Acrylic on wood 98x30 cm


Marie Hermance

Bouches Du Rhône

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Marie Hermance is a French painter. She was born in Paris in 1970. She paints and writes as she breathes since her childhood, and she developped a true passion for art which has become her umbilical cord to the world.
However, she was forced into another professional branch as she studied languages in order to become a trilingual translator. It nevertheless satisfied her taste for traveling and meeting people. Meanwhile, she still kept up her two vital passions.
In 1996, Marie Hermance fell so terribly sick that she became handicapped. As she couldn’t practice her initial job, she violently clung to painting and writing pœms and short stories ? some of which were published in literary reviews ? to avoid death. She also organised exhibitions in Paris Cafés, or at home.
Besides, Marie Hermance paints and decorates all kinds of objects just like paintings in order to gather both esthetism and utility.
In 2002, Marie Hermance moved away from Paris to settle in the South of France, near Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence. There, she wishes to recover from her deasease and anchor herself more concretly in the world of Art.
Actually, Marie hermance nourishes herself greedily with beauty, interior adventures and mystery. Her work has evolved from ink, watercolours, acrylic to mixed media. It evokes a singular world, sometimes violent, even cruel, but always pœtic, original and varied. A work which, according to mood, stabs your soul directly or wrap it in a sweet and sparkling balsam.


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