Epicurean day
Epicurean day
Oil on canvas of 39.37 x 39.37 inches.

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Marina Rey

13100 Marseille - France
Bouches Du Rhône

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The image of women and what they carry with me since my childhood. I grew up under the influence of my mother and three sisters who accompanied me throughout my career , especially fantasy . Little girl, I drew princesses and sensual women. Then life took its course , loves , married life , children …
It came out that women are often alone, alone with his sorrows and disappointments , only in a patriarchal society , and to this fact it is struggling to find its place, honor , integrity and respect her femininity or at least accept it as such. Which makes it a strong and sensual woman, sensual in the sense that it is intuitive and uses it as a weapon to face adversity, refusing all bids , refusing to give up. I hope through my work to honor the woman and give it the place it deserves in the path of respect , beauty and love .


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