48 x 37 cm (19.0 x 14.6 in), framed, watercolor


Mireille Turcot

17, traverse des Iles
38000 Grenoble - France

04 76 96 02 57
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Mireille Turcot’s artistic journey started when she was a child and has included forays into many different forms of creative expression. Classically trained at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Grenoble, France, she continued to paint while venturing into the worlds of theatre, children’s art education, communications and performance. She has created set designs and stage costumes; taught children painting, pottery and fresco techniques; worked in graphic design; and produced beautiful hand puppets for professional performances.
In 1999 Mireille decided to actively show her work and had several solo exhibits in France. She continues to exhibit, and her paintings can be found in collections around the world.
Her subjects vary from abstract to figurative and always reflect her signature color palette. Painting primarily in oils and acrylics on canvas, and sometimes adding collage, she strives to create simple lines, figures and surfaces.
“Whether I am creating figuratives or abstracts, working in color or monochrome, I paint as I breathe, to live” says Mireille.


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