"Moral Coat", 68x39x27,Mixed Media ,2005
"Moral Coat", 68x39x27,Mixed Media ,2005
The author believes that the only way to bring the reform in the thoughts of the immoral people who freely act out their unethical and immoral desires is to expose them to the words of truth and virtue.

Moral Coat is designed to inject words of re

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Mixed Media

Myung Hwan Lee

132-962 Seoul - South Korea

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Myung Hwan LEE

1996-2000. Superior National Plastic Expression!(DNSEP)-Ecole Superieur d’Art du
2009. “The Beauty of Korea-Silence in Motion”, Antonio Machado Cultural Center, SPAIN
2008. “Bang-Bang, Secret be Picture discover, National Museum of Modern Arts, Seoul, KOREA
2008. MOCA “Seeks, the art museum: “Lousvu-tton” Moble Museum Project, KAIST, KOREA
2007. “Nam junn PAIK’S Video rhapsody”, Opning Installtion et Performance, KBS TV, station, Seoul KOREA
2006. Gongju International art festival“Humag”, 2006, Ymlip Art Museum, Korea.
2006. “Satellite”, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai, CHINA/ The 2006 Chelsea International Fine Art , New York, U.S.A
2003.Seoul Art Center, Exhibition ” SEOUL ART FAIR”.

69-23 3F, Ssangmoun-2dong, Dobong-Gu,
Seoul, South Korea
Postal Code:132-862
E-mail: artplastique@yahoo.co.kr
Web site: http://leemh.egloos.com/


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