Friday night at New York
Friday night at New York
Fine Art Print / Digital painting

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Mixed Media

Paradiso Figurale Brunzlik

80993 Munich - Germany
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Dominique Brunzlik - a German artist of Czech, Bohemian, Friesian and Indian descent was 1963 born in Munich / Germany as the daughter of a photographer and of a model. She began making art as a child and used various forms of art for her expression. During her studies she concentrated on different techniques of figurative and abstract painting. She also has been photographing since her youth, influenced by her father. Educated multifarious through life, she always had a restless mind and searched for new facet of life. This has a deep influence on her art techniques and expression. With “Paradiso Figurale” she presents her artwork in 2010 for the first time to a wider public.


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