Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Black marble in Belgian ’Noir de Mazy’

50cm x10cm x10cm

- 1000€ Available -


Paul Holbrecht

9620 Zottegem-Velzeke - Belgium
East Flanderi

+3255 49 79 82
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For me it’s the ultimate challenge to create original, ’one of a kind’ artwork out of natural stone. It’s some kind of magic how every piece of rock contains its own ’possible sculptures’ inside, you just have to remove the rest of the stone, which you don’t need for the chosen sculpture.
From all the different media in art I ’ve explored and practised before in my life like drawing, painting, engraving, lettering, tattooing, sculpting tough stone material is the most physical demanding discipline, but at the same time it gives me the most fulfillment.


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