Portrait bleu du pharaon Akhénaton


Sylvia Adjabroux

24 rue arnaud miqueu
33000 Bordeaux - France

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Bordeaux contemporary artist discrete
Sylvia ADJABROUX uses traditional Italian methods:
linen cloth, natural pigments and oil technique … without glue rabbit
translated in a figurative style as portraits,
full expression of his feeling for the people who have perfumed the world,
chosen style symbolic tribute to the sacred texts that inspired
and attempts by the abstract style to blend into the living force of the colors of nature.
His paintings, titled, signed SAB, varnishes, traveling exhibitions of contests,
participate in actions for peace and art mingle poetic creations.

His first blog is dedicated to his new collaboration with Marek Wisoczynski!
Designer of a unique project, Project Smiles for Children, drawings of smiles around the world for children in hospitals! There was many nationalities and very little French and English, Sylvia ADJABROUX the challenge and invite you, if your heart tells you to send her a smile especially designed and dedicated, she does the rest for the blog and archive send it to Poland, the designer takes over and expose it to turn!
But just see, it will be clearer!


affiliated to the Maison des artistes

The artist would like as many moments of grace that painting offered her!


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