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The scholastic artistic formation of Susanna Viale was begun in the inferior medium schools with prof. Mattana who has stimulated in an incisive way the creativity and the experimentation of new techniques, in order to continue to the Artistic Secondary school and the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin.

The technical experience is remarkably evoluted as a result of the stimulations and the instructions of master Sergio Albano of the School of via Perrone the painter attended for 8 years.

The artistic life of Susanna Viale has stirred with the nursing studies and the university ones of Political Sciences and Sociology, acquiring some competences and a culture centralized on social and anthropological dynamics, without omitting the interest for the medicine with the study of chromoterapy and psycology.

Art is a mix of technical abilities and pure creativity stirred with daily, cultural and psychological experiences, from that we can analyze the phases lived by the artist: at first, in the years ’70 until the end of the years ’80 she has experienced the different use of materials and with the acrylic one it has created works of POP-ART kind (period of school formation), later from the end of the years ’80 until 1993 she’s attracted by geometrism and paints hills and groups of small houses. From 1994 as a result of the psyco-analithic experience and under the guide of master Sergio Albano the painting takes the road of the figurative expressionism and the Fauves colors, the creative energy, before compressed and timidly expressed, after a large personal and psychological change is exploded in ignited colors, contrasting and free strokes of brush from which it comes outside all the vitality and the energy of the artist.

The university formation and the passion for the travels allowed the artist to be attracted by cultural and social anthropological topics, some subjects inspired to oriental religions, daily life and suffering of the world on development were born.

The search on the human body and the passion for the dance aren’t omitted.

In these recent years the search has been developed on knife technique has carried to shining results and works of remarkable suggestion and expressive freedom.

The artist had more success in the Foreign countryes that in Italy:

in France a painting of her “Festivity in Trinidad” has been used like symbol of the “Latin American Festival ” of the Côte d’Azur since some years, the Common of Nizza and Eze has organized personal extensions. In Paris the famous Miromesnil Gallery that has the exclusive right of the works of Salvator Dalì and drafts other artists like Matisse, Chagall, organized for her a personal extension and she has been involved in some collective extensions.

In Great Britain “La Mostra Gallery” of Cardiff, has an exclusive right contract and it has organized one personal “The Colours of Life” and collective in permanence in the gallery.

In the United States has participated to collective and personal exhibitions in the galleries: “Perspective on life” Agora Gallery and Fine Art Gallery, of New York, later she has signed a contract of exclusive right with “Artitaly” and further to her personal and some collective extensions in the Show Room of New York, she has been introduced in the exposures of the New York Expo of 2003 and 2004, in the Philadelphia Expo of 2003 and in Greenville in the “City Art Gallery”.

In Canada in Montreal she has participated to the International Hall of Fine Arts of Montreal in the years 2000-2001-2002, gaining the silver medal in the artistic prize of the SAIBAM 2002.

In Argentine in 2003 in Buenos Aires she has been invited to expose to the “International Conference of the Women Artists” and like representative of Italy to participate to a debate about the Situation of the International Art.

In Mexico she has been invited to select Italian artists and to participate to the University of Tula-Tepeji to the formation of an International Group of painters of murales that have the aim to carry the public murales painting in the world, it has been conceived for the first time the ” travelling murales ”, that is a murales that follows people, which dœs not have to go in a fixed place in order to admire it, but it is the murales that is moved.

The 2004 Festival “Lucero de Alba” has been carried out in june in which the “Ruta de Quetzacoatl en los Metros del Mundo” is inserted, the group of painters has realized a murales on wood panel on the topic “Quetzacoatl” that will be exposed all over the world, in the undergrounds and the Universities.

The initiative has been conceived and coordinated by the Technological University of Tula, Metropolitan Independent university of Mexico City and by the Collective System of Underground Transport of Mexico City.

They have been exposed (2004) in the Iztapalapa Gallery of the Metropolitan Independent University of Mexico City and for three months to the Saint Lazaro Station of the Metropolitan of Mexico City.

Cuba- Habana City - Municipality of Marianao, with the sponsorship of the University of Turin, Uni-Cuba Committee, and the organization of the cultural association TempoReale, personal exposure “La expressividad Humana y su encuentro con lo social” at the Communitarian House of Pogolotti, sub-center Municipal Library “Enrique j.Varona ”.

Moreover: she has participated to the Salisburgo Expo, to the Montecarlo Expo, to a collective “Luces y Colores Mediterraneos” in Spain to El Puerto de Santa Maria (2001)

In Italy she has been invited by the “Center Figurative Arts” of Riccione for one personal (2000), other personal extensions have been carried out in communal halls: Traves (1997), Pino Torinese(2000-2004), Settimo Torinese (2000-2004), Chieri (2000); personal extension in the Sella Bank of Turin (2004), Carife Bank of Ferrara (2002), personal extension to the Center Culture and Society of Turin; personal extension to the Image Gallery of Cremona (2001), Grand Hotel Beach of Alassio (2001-2002).

She had a lot of collective extensions: in Turin extensions from 1985 to 1994 with the association Artemisa, Artistic and Cultural Piemonte (1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004) Promoter of Fine Arts (1999-2000-2001) Group of via Perrone(1996-1997-1998-1999-2000) many collective in Piemonte with “the Fridays of Art” and other groups, “revealed Art” Cisterna Palace Province of Turin(2002), “collective Extension of contemporary artists” to the Arteincontro Gallery of Turin (2002) and others.

“Charismatic Atmospheres” La Pigna Gallery Rome (2002) “Strange People” Logos Gallery of Rome (2004), Academy of Rumania of Rome (2000), “Free Tie”, Naples - botanical Garden “Rags to the wind” Center of art Saint Vidal Venice (2001), Extensions with D’Ars of Milan in Monza, Bergamo, Parma, collective to the Puccini Art Center of Florence (2000) and others

She participated to the expo of Padova, Turin, Jesolo, Parma……

Participated to the campaign of the Common of Ciriè, several photos of works have been used in reviews, books and other banns.

Promoter of the stand of the Association Real Time to “Expo Art of Padova“(2004).

Promoter of the international exposure “Hidden City” organized by the Common of Ivrea and “the Association Real time”, sponsorship Province of Turin, Piemonte Region, University of Turin.

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