world of shahmaran
world of shahmaran
Anatolian mythology, the goddess of wisdom and the guardian of secrets is Shahmeran, an anthropomorphic figure with a female head on a snake body. Her story can be traced from the Middle East to India with different fictions, one variation is also fo

oil on canvas.50cmx60cm


Nilgun Akyol

16090 Bursa - Turkey

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B orn in Bafra, TURKEY 1961.Studied architecture at Academy Ankara 1979.She took basic formation of fine arts 1998-2002.AKYOL opened 5 personal and group exhibitions in Turkey -Bursa…“I’m an artist attentive to my surroundings and in a constant state of active contemplation on what I see, but I’m not inclined to find attractive the ordinary or what is generally regarded as beautiful..”


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