Restructing Madonna
Restructing Madonna
Madonna Series

40” x 30”, oil


Cathy Cathy Locke

560 Trumbull Avenue
94947 Novato - United States

415 893-9292
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My paintings are driven by light, how light affects a subject matter. For this reason I tend to paint a broad range of subjects from people to cityscapes. I am more interested in capturing a feeling then staying with one subject matter. Whether its the early morning light on city roof tops, or the way the light hits a glass vase, I am searching for a special moment. I describe light in my paintings through a strong color and value theme, building layers to create depth. Though I primarily work in pastels and oils, I have used every type of medium at one point in time. As an artist, I believe it is important to always explore new ways of translating that special feeling that turns a canvas into pœtry.


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