Let's love
Let's love
pastel painting, 50 x 65 cm, 2007

- 2000€ Disponible -


Swiatecki Marek

Zielona Dolina 21
11-036 Gronity - Poland

0048 607892289
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Searching for my place in life, I took up many, highly differentiated occupations and generally, every time (maybe thanks to that variety) I found a lot of pleasure in them.Above all, however, I find my greatest pleasure in painting that I have been on “friendly terms” with for over 30 years. My “spécialité de la maison” is portrait painting offering the opportunity to penetrate the depths of character of my models and, since recently, also the landscape painted in pastels, the medium that is simply ideal for that purpose.
I am a member of:
The Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP)
The Association of Polish Pastellists


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